How To Pick The Perfect Swimsuit For Your Honeymoon

Wedding preparations can be hard work, with so many things to organise and decisions to make. That is the beauty of a honeymoon, you can finally relax and enjoy some quiet time together. If you are planning a getaway that includes a beach or swimming pool, you really need to make sure you have a stunning swimsuit to match the occasion. No matter what your style or size is, there is are plenty of lovely options available and you will be able to pick the perfect swimsuit for your honeymoon.


honeymoon swimsuit

If bikini’s are your thing, then this cute and colourful one from SUNMARIN® would be a perfect choice and this one does feature adjustable straps so that you can ensure it is a perfect fit for your.


If you prefer plain over print, then these single colour mix and match options from SUNFLAIR® offer a selection of tops and bottoms as individual pieces so that you can create your own perfect combination. Nothing beats a great fitting bikini!


Not everyone wants to wear an itty bitty bikini, and this very classy alternative from OPERA® with a high waisted pant is a perfect alternative.


A one-piece swimsuit can have wow factor when it features a strappy back like this lovely one from SUNFLAIR®.


Should you wish to still get your laps in on your honeymoon then this sporty style from OLYMPIA® better go on your shopping list. (Avail. Mar 19)


You can’t beat black and thanks to OPERA® it won’t be boring!


For comfort and style you can’t go past a tankini. This set from SUNMARIN features a generously cut top that allows for a not so hugging feeling but still looks super stylish.


Don’t forget to add a wrap in a matching colour, they are perfect coverup and can even be thrown over the shoulders at night if it is a little breezy.


Cover up a little bit more with something like this super smart dress from OPERA®!


Another great way to cover up with a SUNFLAIR® multi-style piece. Wear it as a dress or fold the band over, pull it down towards your hips and it quickly becomes a skirt. Each piece has a matching selection of swimsuit styles with the same pattern and these great pieces roll up for easy packing and don’t need ironing.

Please remember to pack a hat, sunglasses and a really good supply of 50+ sunscreen. Getting sunburnt is the quickest way to dampen the honeymoon fun. Reapply every two hours, even if the day is a little cloudy as UV rays penetrate clouds.

This is only a very small selection of the ranges available from SUNFLAIR®, OPERA®, SUNMARIN® and OPERA® and we supply some of the best boutiques in Australia and New Zealand and some offer online shopping. With new collections arriving 4 times a year there is always something fresh and fabulous to find. To locate your closest store please email

Where are you going for your honeymoon?





Handy Hints For A Successful Fake Tan


Heading to the beach in a new bikini and snow white skin is not the best look. A tan always seems to make swimwear look so much better. Getting a tan by lying in the sun for hours is dangerous and avoiding getting sunburnt is almost impossible.

Thankfully fake tanning products have improved in quality over the years and the chances of turning a nasty shade of orange is dramatically reduced. Tanning at home is now easier than ever! A lovely tan makes you look healthier and expands the colours you can wear dramatically. Obviously spending hours lying in the sun is no longer a safe and healthy option, so mastering fake tan can be a saving grace, especially at the change of seasons.



  1. EXFOLIATE! – This is the most important step in getting a smooth and even fake tan. Whether you do it at home or go to your local salon, starting with super smooth skin stops the tan from sitting on the dry skin cells which will be patchy.
  2. USE A MIT – If you tan at home, investing a few dollars in one of the special applicator mitts that really helps to stop tan from going on stripy is a wise move. It also helps your hands from being exposed to excess product.
  3. MOISTURISE THE DRY BITS – Elbows, knees and heels will usually have a buildup of dry skin and will absorb much more tanning product resulting in dark patches. Apply a little moisturiser just to these zones will help keep the tan even.
  4. STAY DRY – All tanning products will be diluted if exposed to water. Excess showering or swimming will reduce the time your tan stays looking great.
  5. WEAR LOOSE CLOTHING – Depending on the product being used, it will remain damp for a while. Wear the loosest clothing possible to reduce the amount of lines that clothing will create as it absorbs the product.As the tan starts to fade, it will get patchy. A soak in a bath with Bi-carb soda added to it and use a loofah or face washer to remove all tan residue in one go.

You can have the lovely glow of summer at any time of the year thanks to fake tan. Enjoying a little time in the sun is good for you as it helps your body produce Vitamin D, a vital element in helping you feel happy! Limit your time to no more than 10 minutes. Reduce your risk of developing skin cancer by letting a bottle tan get you looking golden.