Luxury Australian Spa Getaways!


Over the next few months we have lots of super spa ideas for you. Whether you just want to enjoy a little ‘me’ time or make a full getaway of it there will be plenty of wonderful ways you can relax, rejuvenate or recuperate. This first installment features three stunning Australian spa’s that are located within 5 Star hotels. We all need to treat ourselves occasionally and this would be the perfect way to do it.


The Mineral Spa at Peppers

Located in Victoria’s Daylesford and Macedon Ranges, this beautiful spa offers a selection of treatments to help you detoxify and beautify. Naturally fed mineral spa pools, a cold water plunge pool and lavender infused steam room will help you feel fabulous. Visit for the day or spend a night at Peppers and you will leave relaxed and rejuvenated.

Chateau Elan at The Vintage

The name alone oozes luxury. This delightful spa is located in the Hunter Valley. Featuring 17 treatment rooms and a golf course to keep the boys occupied while you enjoy some pampering. Get a group of girlfriends together and share some time together with their ‘Girl’s Day Out’ treatment that includes a glass of bubbles. Visit a few wineries and make it a totally fun weekend away.

Aurora Spa at Palazzo Versace

Feel like a Queen even if it is just for the day. Located on the Gold Coast, this spa has surrounds that are hard to beat and an incredible selection of treatments that will give you the royal touch. Try their signature Kitya Karnu treatment in a private steam room for a total body makeover. All over exfoliation, rejuvenating hair treatment, facial and cool river stone ritual are all included. Then why not indulge in the Versace High Tea and make a whole day of it.

 Do you have a favourite spa you like to visit?

Super Smooth Skin Salt Scrub

The perfect accessory when wearing a swimsuit is super smooth skin!

Nothing looks nicer when you are sitting by the pool or lazing on the beach, and your skin is glowing with good health.

The first step to having beautiful skin is to exfoliate.

Every day your body produces new skin cells, and at the same time the cells on the surface die. They are dry and flaky and not all of them will be removed with general washing and drying. You can be using the most expensive body cream in the world, but if you apply directly on to skin that has not been exfoliated, it will simply sit on the surface instead of being absorbed and will not be providing the nutrients it contains to feed the new cells.

Once a week, treat yourself to a few minutes in the shower to buff off all the dead skin cells and reveal the fresh new ones. Not only is exfoliation good for skin appearance, it is also good for our health, as it allows our skin to do the job it is designed to do; protect us and allow us to perspire to keep our body heat at an optimal level.

If you don’t have a suitable body scrub on hand, you can easily make your own from ingredients in the kitchen.



In a bowl, combine 1 cup of salt, 1/2 cup of coconut or olive oil and the grated rind of a lime or lemon.

Mix well and take into the shower or bath.

Moisten your skin with warm water and then apply the scrub using small circular motions.

Rinse off well.

(Please do not use this scrub on your face as it is too course.)

Make Sunday, scrub day and enjoy the feeling of beautiful smooth skin all the time.

Just for fun try the hand test to feel the difference…..

Simply moisten the back of your hand and apply a small amount of the scrub. Massage well and rinse off. Pat dry.

Now simply touch the back of both hands and you will see what an amazing difference exfoliating really makes.


Do you exfoliate regularly?