How to care for your swimwear the right way!

February 26, 2022

A great swimsuit can make all the difference when it comes to feeling confident and looking great when at the beach or by the pool. Good swimwear are made from quality fabric, have excellent cuts and can last for many years if looked after correctly.

Great swimsuits are an investment piece and should be treated with respect. In return they will provide you with years of swimming fun and the care instructions are included on the tag. Unfortunately most people will not even glance at it and throw the tag straight in the bin.

Follow these simple guidelines and you will extend the life of your gorgeous swimsuit tremendously.

  1. When applying sunscreen try and avoid applying it directly on to the swimsuit.
  2. Immediately after swimming rinse the swimsuit in clean water.
  3. As soon as possible, make sure your swimsuit is hand washed in warm water at approximately 30C using a mild washing liquid. If you do use powder washing detergent, ensure that all the product is completely dissolved before submerging the swimsuit in to it.
  4. Make sure you rinse well in clean water to remove any traces of detergent.
  5. Do not wring out the swimsuit to help it dry faster, you can press it gently in between a folded towel to remove excess water and then simply hang up and let it drip dry.
  6. Do not dry in the sun to speed up the drying process.

Consistently following the above guidelines will make a huge difference in extending the lifespan of your stunning swimsuit.

If you swim regularly especially in a heated pool you will really benefit from including a swimsuit in your collection that is made from chlorine resistant fabric. This innovative fabric is very resistant to chlorine damage, is super comfortable to wear and has the shortest drying time. Here is a snapshot of some of the great designs currently available:-

A delightful blend of cool and refreshing colours in a classic cut from SUNFLAIR® will let you do laps in style.

Little pops of colour make this dark blue one piece from SUNNMARIN® anything but boring.

This striking pattern from SUNFLAIR® will help you stand out from the crowd.

Blue and white is such a smart and fresh look and this swimsuit from SUNMARIN® will stay looking fab for longer.

This vibrant design is not only smart to look at, but very special. It is specifically designed to provide full support and secure swimming for ladies who have undergone a mastectomy. Inbuilt pouches will hold your prothesis in place and you will never have to be concerned about them dislodging.

The swimsuits above are just a small selection of the styles that are available to swimmers in Australia and New Zealand. To purchase your own superb swimsuit, simply email [email protected] to find your local stockist. If you would like to stock these great brands in your boutique simply email as above for more information.

Give your swimsuit the love it deserves and care for it each time you use it and you will enjoy many seasons of swimming without losing its shape and elasticity.

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