Sensational new one piece swimsuits for summer!

As the weather heats up there is nothing better than spending time in the water and if last seasons swimsuit has seen better days, there are some absolutely gorgeous new arrivals that will be your perfect partner this summer.

Nautical influences are strong this season and these two options will certainly make you want to go sailing.

Style 22161 from SUNFLAIR® will look fabulous on board a yacht or on your favourite lounge chair poolside.

With a little hint of retro and lot of beautiful blues, this luxury one piece 62095 from OPERA® will look stunning in and out of the water.

Such a stunning floral blend in this contrast blend one piece 32049 from OLYMPIA®.

Bold contrasts is another trend being highlighted this season. black and white and a Bird of Paradise combine beautifully in style 12179 from SUNMARIN®,

Animal print is once again a feature on the catwalks of Europe and this striking blend of blues creates a truly beautiful one piece 22306 from SUNFLAIR®.

All shades of blue would have to be the most dominant single colour this season and this beautiful blend of blues with a hint of mint is a striking combination at a fabulous price in style 12086 from SUNMARIN®.

After a very tough and restrictive year, its going to be so wonderful to spend time at the beach and recharge our depleted batteries. Which style is your favourite to take with you on that fun journey?

To find your closest boutique or to become a stockist of these superior quality swimsuits in Australia or New Zealand please email

Happy swimming!

Its Time To Start Travelling – 5 Great Australian Beach Adventures To Try!

Thanks to Covid-19 there have been many grand holiday plans that simply had to be canned. There was nowhere to go and for many you couldn’t even leave home, let alone pack your bags and head to the closest beach for some rest and relaxation.

Slowly but surely things in Australia are starting to improve, border restrictions are starting to ease and hopefully by Christmas time, we should be able to travel anywhere in this country and hopefully even fly over to visit New Zealand.

If you are yearning for a getaway, here are 5 great ideas that combine beautiful beaches and some fun interactions of the nature kind to really lift your spirits and recharge your batteries.


It is hard to beat an island holiday for a total getaway from the stresses of work and the city life. There are many beautiful islands in Australia that are worth visiting, but there is one that is super special if you love interacting with nature.

Heron Island is off the coast of Gladstone and features a world class resort with beautiful accommodation and fabulous food. Its not a huge island, but there is plenty of beautiful white sand and lots of reefs to explore just steps from your room. Snorkeling will allow you to get up close and personal with lots of coral, fish and turtles. If you don’t like getting your hair wet, there is a semi-submersible tour that will let you see all the wonderful things below with out getting even damp.


There are a few places around Australia where you can get a dolphin to eat right out of your hand. They are carefully controlled so as you and the dolphins are safe, but they love the interaction and you will love the experience. Pack up the caravan or book a nice motel and spend a few days exploring the area and of course see these clever animals enjoying interaction with people.

Monkey Mia in Western Australia, Tin Can Bay and Tangalooma Island Resort are three popular spots for this activity. At Port Philip Bay in Victoria and at Glenelg Beach in South Australia there are organised tours that take you out in to the ocean so you can swim with the dolphins and a quick google search will help you find kayak tours in your state that let you play in the dolphin zone.


At beaches all around the country you can take your very first ride on a surf board. Kids and adults alike find surfing both relaxing and exhilarating at the same time.

One thing that Covid has taught many people is that we should not put off the things we would love to try or experience, because the chance can be taken away from you in a flash.

Paddle boarding is a great choice if you think surfing is not your cup of tea. Just find a beach close to home that offers water sports and get out there and give it a go.


A beautiful way to explore the beach is to do it on horseback. There are companies in every state that offer organised beach riding and you don’t need previous experience and if you are an experienced rider there are options for you too. You don’t need to have any special gear as all will be provided. A sturdy pair of jeans is advisable to protect your legs from chaffing so don’t forget to pack those.

After a delightful ‘walk’ along the beach, you can reward yourself with a splash in the ocean to freshen up.


There is an abundance of rock pools around the country that can provide hours of fun whether you are on foot or like to float.

All you need is a sturdy of shoes to protect your feet and a pair of polaroid sunglasses can make discovering whats under the surface more fun as they reduce the glare. If you or any of your family would love to learn to snorkel, rock pools are a calm and safe environment to learn the art of breathing though a snorkel.

Just make sure you check the tide times before you head to the pools as most will not be exposed during high tide and that’s no fun!

The best part of most of these activities is you have the freedom to camp or book into a five star resort if you prefer, but you can work with in your budget and still have lots of fun spending time at the beach.

Don’t forget to make sure you pack your swimsuits and if yours could do with an upgrade, one of our experienced stockists are ready to help you find the perfect swimsuit. Please email to find your closest stockist.

Super swimwear ideas for teens and beyond!

Teens and young adults can be fussy creatures and shopping for swimwear can really be a tough job as many of them can struggle with body image and lack confidence. It is so important that they find swimwear that supports their growing bodies and makes them feel comfortable to go swimming and enjoy the great outdoors.

At the same time lots of young women are very aware of the need to protect the environment and the effects of global warming. They are the ambassadors of the future and they are fully aware of the benefits of recycling and sustainability.

Thanks to OLYMPIA® swimwear and their latest collection of ‘Goes Next Level’ young women can now have the best of both worlds, super trendy swimwear for all shapes and sizes and each of the following pieces are created from GREENbay fabric that started its life at the bottom of the sea in the shape of a discarded fishing net!

Mix and match bikini pieces are available in plain colours and pretty patterns that let you create a set that is perfect for your shape and size, no more one size fits all!

Retro/vintage style clothing is very on trend right now and for those that do not like a tiny bikini pant, this generously cut option is the perfect solution.

Sporty girls will appreciate the option of adding a pair of pants that will take them from hiking to a swim in the surf without the need to get changed.

This classic shaped swimsuit is the perfect style for the serious swimmer to the serious sunbaker.

Adding a swim short over the top could be the perfect solution for those that want to keep a little more covered, or call in to the shops on the way home from their day at the water.

Who would have thought that such beautiful swimwear can now be created without having a huge negative impact on our precious planet and with so many different size and shape options available you really can take your water fun to the next level.

To find your local Australian or New Zealand stockist, or to become a stockist, please email and a representative will be in touch promptly.

Stunning New Mastectomy Swimsuits For Spring!

A well constructed Mastectomy swimsuit makes all the difference to ensure that swimming with a prosthesis is fun, comfortable and you feel secure.

Twice a year new collections are released and each season includes a selection of Mastectomy swimsuits that are super stylish and no-one will know your secret.

Eight new styles are available and whether you just like to splash in the shallows or prefer to swim laps we have got you covered.



This night blue swimsuit from SUNFLAIR® has just a hint of print and is available up to size 20. The perfect choice for ladies that like things clean and simple.


The serious swimmer will appreciate the classic style of this one piece from SUNMARIN®.  It is made from CHLORINE PROOF fabric that will cope with many hours of swimming laps up and down the pool and is available up to size 20.


Love denim? This style from SUNFLAIR® would look great teamed with a pair of denim shorts. Available up to size 22.



This black and white all over geometric print has a hint of tribal influence and features  adjustable straps. Super good value from SUNMARIN® and available up to size 20.


Smart stripes from SUNFLAIR® and made with XTRA LIFE fabric for long lasting wear. Available up to size 22.


If you fancy a pretty floral, then this SUNMARIN® tankini is for you. You will be ready for a tropical getaway with this lovely set.  Available up to size 18.


This Bohemian influenced pattern is a collection of lovely bright colours with a dark blue bottom and back. There is also a lovely matching resort fashion piece that can be worn as a strapless dress or skirt. From SUNFLAIR®  and available up to size 18.


The final one is a blend of geometry and nature in a super comfortable tankini from SUNMARIN® and is available up to size 18.

All of these swimsuits will ensure your time in the water is enjoyable and you will feel supported and secure. To find your local stockist or to become a stockist, please email today!


Fabulous New Resort Fashion Dresses Have Arrived!

Spring is not too far away and some fabulous new resort fashion pieces have arrived and these super comfortable pieces not only  look great, they are quick drying which is great if you are traveling. Team them with a jacket or cardigan and you can wear them right now.

Animal print is very much in style for another season. This classic cut dress from SUNFLAIR® featuring leopard spots and black trim also includes a matching belt. Team this one with black heals to dress it up or a smart slide for a more casual look.



Caftans are unbeatable for comfort and style. No matter what style of event you are attending, teamed with leggings or a complimentary pant you will catch everyone’s eye in this stunning piece from SUNFLAIR®!



Black and white always makes a classy statement and is a vital piece in any woman’s wardrobe. This sleeveless piece from OPERA® would look fabulous teamed with a well cut blazer for cooler days. Add this dress to your wardrobe and you will solve the ‘I have nothing to wear’ dilemma in a flash.



Add a hint of colour to a monochrome print and you have an eye-catching piece that will look great where ever you are planning to go. Now you have the perfect excuse to buy those pink shoes and matching bag. This one is from SUNFLAIR®.



Dare to be different in this longer length dress from OPERA®. The beautiful blend of jewels and animal print will have all your friends talking. Just add a little bit of bling to complete your outfit.



All of these great dresses have matching swimwear pieces that will create a complete look and are available in selected boutiques throughout Australia and New Zealand.

To find your local stockist or to become a stockist, please email and we will be in touch.



Colourful New Swimwear Arrivals Will Brighten The Dullest Day!

Its always exciting to see the arrival of new swimwear collections arrive in our stockists boutiques, but this season is even more exciting as we are now able to plan getaways and holidays following the Covid-19 lockdown! Whether you are heading north to escape the cold, making use of a heated pool or want to splash around in a spa, a new swimsuit will make it all the more fun and you will look fabulous.

Each season there is usually a dominant trend that can be seen throughout the collections and this time around, the biggest trend that cant be ignored is the colour blue and as its our favourite colour, the colour of water, we are not complaining. Every different hue of this great colour is included together with vibrant prints and the second most popular colour, pink. As always a selection of matching resort wear pieces are available to create a complete look.


This brand has always been renowned for quality, comfort and fit. From little bikini’s to tankini’s, there is always something for everyone. Beautiful mastectomy swimsuits in the latest designs are always popular for women who want to swim with confidence.



A quick sneak peek at this delightful range is available here –



The discerning woman loves OPERA®! Luxurious on all levels, if you want to stand out from the crowd and feel amazing then this is the range you must try.



Love luxury, then watch this short video to see what’s on offer –



This range combines the best of both worlds, classic comfortable styles with a great price tag. Mastectomy swimsuits are also available in this range.



See some more peaks in this video that shows you how the catalogues are created –



This range is perfect for the young and young at heart. In addition to swimwear, a selection of activewear is also available, but best of all a large percentage of this range is now made from an incredible new fabric developed from 100% recycled materials including old fishing nets retreived from the bottom of the ocean!


There is lots more to discover here –

These collections are starting to arrive now and if you would like to find your closest boutique, shop online or enquire about becoming a stockist in Australia or New Zealand, please email –





Easy home workouts to keep you active over winter!

We have had to live without our gyms for a few months now and with so many people staying at home lack of exercise is not good for our health or waistlines. Regular exercise is proven to be good for both our physical and mental health and these stressful months are taking there toll.

There are plenty of great exercise routines that you can do everyday and thanks to YouTube, they are completely free. The options listed below don’t require fancy equipment that you probably don’t have at home, so there is no excuse to pull out the workout gear and have a go at these great options.


Yoga is a great form of exercise that improves your flexibility, helps with muscle tone and is great for stress relief.


This workout will get you moving, increase your heart rate and you don’t need a single piece of equipment.



Dance is a fun way to get active and this routine uses low impact dance moves to help raise the heart rate and get the blood pumping.



If you haven’t exercised a lot lately, this is a great workout at a beginner level, just do as much as you are comfortable with and keep building it up over a few weeks.



Ballet class is a fabulous way to build strength and improve balance. Even if this beginner level class will help you find muscles you didn’t even know you had.


This is just tiny sample of the free classes you can find on YouTube. If you have a good level of fitness, they simply search for classes that will push you a little harder. If you have never done any of these style of class then beginner level is perfect and will reduce the risk of injury or over-exertion.

Public pools are due to reopen shortly so you can always add swimming a few laps to your weekly exercise. One of the best ways to keep up an exercise habit is to try different things so just pick one and get started today. Your waist and mind will thank you for it…..even if a few of your muscles might not be so happy!

Five Fun Things To Do Whilst In Covid19 Isolation

Whilst the last couple of months have been tough, it does look as though isolation has done a good job in helping keep as many Australians and New Zealanders healthy and virus free. It will take months until life is ‘normal’ again, but thanks to fabulous statistics especially compared to other countries around the world we are seeing little shifts to increase our freedom and no doubt we are all looking forward to those.

Life in isolation is pretty tough and many people are finding it hard to find the motivation to do anything more than absolutely necessary. Here are a five fun ideas that will fill the hours and hopefully add a bit of joy to your day.



Have you collected lots of cook books or recipes that you have never tried? Now is the perfect time to have a go and expand your repertoire. Thankfully supermarkets are pretty well stocked again and you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting the ingredients you need to make something super yummy. A quick scroll through Pinterest is another great way to find something new to try. If there are a few of you at home, why not host a master chef cooking competition. Each person gets to cook a different course and you can secretly vote on who is the winner.



This is a great time to discover your new favourite cocktail. Most bottle shops even home deliver these days, and as you can’t go out, no one has to worry about drink driving. Pick a cocktail that you have never tried or if you have a favourite that you always have when you go out, try making it at home for a change. If you get on well with your neighbours, you can always invite them to an ‘over the fence’ cocktail party.



With gyms closed and going for a walk being the only way to get exercise it can get boring. Head to YouTube and search for some new options to try. Yoga, Pilates, Hip Hop or ballet are just a few of the choices available and no one is watching so you can have a go and laugh at yourself if necessary. Moving is a great way to get the blood pumping and improving your feeling of well being. Try something new every morning and you might just discover the perfect new exercise style for you.



Not being able to visit your local salon for beauty treatments or hair appointments can really make you feel blah! There are lots of treatments you can make at home to give your skin or hair a boost or you can order some new skin care online that maybe you have wanted to try. Taking a bath can soothe frazzled nerves and leave the skin feeling lovely if you have a good exfoliation whilst you are in there. You have the time, so make the best of what you can do to add a little pampering into your daily routine.



If you have already depleted the reading material on your shelves and with libraries closed getting fresh reading material can be a little difficult. If you are a member of a local library, most offer a huge selection of ebooks and magazines that you can download and read now at no cost. This could be the perfect time to discover new authors or genres that you have not tried before. Whilst you are at it you could find a new craft that you might like to try or take a free history lesson and learn something new. Most libraries also offer audio books if you would prefer to lie back and listen.

Wishing you the best of health and we hope that some of these ideas help you make the most of your time at home.

What has been your favourite thing to do whilst spending so much time at home?

Five Things You Can Do For Your Health Right Now!

We are all now living through a time that is something most of us could never have dreamed of. This COVID-19 virus is leaving no country unscathed and the most important thing anyone can do right now is look after your health!  The message has been very loud and clear that we need to stay home wherever possible unless you have to go to work.

The people doing the right thing find themselves in isolation and this action will go a long way to keeping you safe from the virus but it can have a very detrimental affect on your mental and physical health in other ways. These practical and easy tips might just be what you need to focus on instead of all the doom and gloom engulfing us right now.




Thanks to social media we have seen a shopping frenzy happen in the supermarkets, we are constantly fed how many new people have contracted the virus and the high number of jobs that have been lost. These posts are designed to make you react and click. Whilst it is important to keep up to date on what is happening around us, a quick check in the morning and the evening will be enough to inform you of what is happening and any new changes the governments have put in place and these do seem to change everyday. If you find your Facebook scroll is causing you to feel anxious or upset, turn it off as much as possible.



Whilst it is very tempting to drink a glass or 10 of wine with lunch because you are home and don’t have to drive. It would be wise to leave the wine until dinner time and have a few health boosting options during the day. Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated and if you have to make decisions your mind will be clearer. Add a couple of slices of lemon to a mug of boiled water, let it steep and then sip, this is great for help boosting your bodies defences. When you do go shopping stock up on your greens and make a daily juice to provide a flood of healthy nutrients, and if you don’t have a juice extractor add some water and use a blender instead. Add a dash of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and sip slowly for a good body tonic. Make your favourite cocktail or try a new one just for fun and we need a good dose of fun.


Active wear that doubles as swimwear is the perfect choice no matter what sort of activity you do…..this set from OLYMPIA®.



This is a great time to catch up on all the Netflix shows you have not had time for but lying on the couch all day and not making time for exercise will quickly having you feel terrible in no time. Movement releases happy hormones and are vital to wellbeing. Go for a walk out in the sunshine just keep your distance from other walkers, find a workout on YouTube, do some gentle stretching or get into that gardening that is long over due. You will feel better for it, I promise!



Whether your skill set could do with an upgrade or you have always wanted to try a new hobby…..why not get started today? Sign up for a class or program and start it straight away. YouTube is an absolute goldmine of how to videos for just about anything you could want to try. If you need supplies so that you can start a project then order them online, the business will appreciate your custom at this tough time for retail. Get out your recipes and pick a couple that you have not yet tried and have a go at them. Keeping your mind busy with an enjoyable distraction is a powerful way to keep the gloom at bay.



Pick up your phone and ring all those that are near and dear to you and check in to see how they are going. Have a good bitch session if need be, or even a good cry. It is better to let it all out than bottle it up inside. Thanks to Facebook you can Facetime anyone on your contact list and have a good heart to heart and see their face at the same time. If you want to have a group ‘get together’ set up a Zoom online meeting. There is no cost if you keep the meeting under 45 minutes, and if you want to keep going longer, you just have to all re-join the meeting and you have another 45 minutes to enjoy!


We have to make the most of this horrible situation as best as we can and finding anything good to focus on is vital. If you are really feeling stuck, then give the house a really good clean and declutter, the fresh energy will flow through your home with ease and uplift how you feel. We are all in this together and when this is over we may have a lot of rebuilding to do but it will get done and we all flourish once again.

Good luck, stay safe and wash your hands!

Sustainable Swimwear Is On Its Way!

A new style of swimwear is on its way and sustainability is its game!

Recycling is one of the most effective ways to reduce our carbon footprint on our plant. We all love buying new things and not everything lasts forever, and swimsuits definitely fall into that category. Even with the best of care a swimsuit will eventually loose its elasticity and need replacing. Sustainable swimwear production used to be a dream, but this year it is becoming a reality!


Super pretty florals and gentle gathers for a very feminine look!


OLYMPIA® has always offered swimwear that is perfect for sport and play for the young and young at heart whilst ensuring  exceptional fit and quality. This brand has now taken it to the next level with the introduction of swimwear created from recycled fishing nets! Yes, you read right, its a massive undertaking but starting with the collection release later in the year more than 50% of the pieces will be created with this innovative new fabric.


Smart stripes never go out of style.


With so many sea creatures coming to their demise as they get tangled in discarded fishing nets on the sea floor, this development in recycling has an even bigger impact on many levels. Even the polybags used for deliver (which is unavoidable to ensure they arrive in pristine condition) are made with 30% recyclable material. Even stockist display materials have been revamped to focus on the same outcome and no crude oil is required for their production. The end goal is 100% dedication to using recyclable materials, but this can’t happen overnight.

The new collection will include fabulous floral prints and modern stripe combinations. In addition to swimsuits from the tiniest of pieces to more modest selections, leggings and super light weight t-shirts will be available so your visits to the gym or just going out for a daily walk will be helping towards a greener planet.


Ready for all activities!


Contrast print combination works perfectly.


Sustainability and beauty can combine together perfectly and are a great step towards a healthier earth. We are so excited about this new initiative and we are sure you will be to. As you can see from the images above there is choices that will suit a wide variety of swimmers. Who would have thought an old fishing net could evolve into something so beautiful?

This collection will start arriving into our Australian and New Zealand stockists in May. If you would like to find your closest stockist or would like to become a stockist and start making a real difference please email and one of team will be in touch with you shortly.  If your local swimsuit retailer does not stock this brand, might be a great time to suggest they do!