Stylish Swimwear For Serious Swimmers

The Olympics in Tokyo are currently in full swing and Australians are once again having fabulous success in the pool! Swimming is a favourite pastime for us in the South hemisphere as our climate for a lot of the year our climate is perfect for spending time in the water. With so many of us living quite close to the ocean and so many backyards having pools, we simply love to swim.

Swimming is a great form of exercise that boosts cardiovascular health without putting undue strain on your bodies. Even in the middle of winter there are lots of heated indoor pools which makes doing laps a practical and beneficial way to exercise.

The only tool you need to swim with on a regular basis is a good swimsuit. Most importantly you want to feel comfortable and fully supported and if your swimwear can look stylish at the same time then that is an added bonus. Below is a selection of swimsuits that are all made from fabric that is chlorine resistant so will cope with stress of regular swimming without losing shape and elasticity.

Solid blocks of blue and white from OLYMPIA® is a really fresh look that will make you feel right at home in the water.

If you just love a little or a lot of pattern on your swimsuits, then this super smart one from SUNFLAIR® is for you.

A few pops colour turn boring into brilliant like this SUNFLAIR® one piece.

Navy and white is always a smart alternative to black. This one from SUNMARIN® is great value and very stylish.

Contrasting colours and a zip make this OLYMPIA one piece look super sporty.

Tiny pops of colour really lift a plain black swimsuit. This great one is from SUNMARIN®.

It is very important to follow the care instructions provided with your purchase as this will make a huge difference in how fabulous your swimsuit looks over time.

The selection above is just a small snippet of the huge range that is available for purchase in Australia and New Zealand. To find your closest boutique or to become a stockist of these great ranges, please click here.

5 Great Ways To Deal With Stress!

2020 was a tough year for everyone, and we were all hoping that 2021 was going to be the dawn of much better times, but so far this year has not been amazing for most people with Covid still causing chaos and with it bringing its fair share of stress. Its cold outside and it is so tempting to just hide under a big blanket and never get out of bed again, but the real world is calling and we need to focus on finding ways to help us cope with the stresses and help ourselves feel better.


Any form of exercise get the blood pumping and the ‘happy hormones’ flowing. Any type of exercise will do, you just need to do it regularly. Even during a lockdown we are always allowed to go out for a walk or go to Youtube and find a yoga or stretch video to follow along with. When we are not in lockdown find a heated pool and go for a swim, sign up for Pilates or maybe a boxing class to let the frustration out. It is hard to get motivated to move in the middle of winter, but your mental and physical health will benefit so much from daily movement.


Vitamin D is produced naturally by the body when exposed to direct sunlight, and has a huge effect on our happiness levels. Lack of time outside in winter can see a spike in depression and so a supplement is so important for your vitality.

Magnesium is another element that we are often deficient in due to soils that our vegetables are grown in are often overworked. Not only does this mineral work wonders on our stress levels, you also get the added benefit of muscle relaxation and reduced cramping when you take this supplement.


Listening to high vibe music is a fabulous way to feel better. Create a playlist that only has songs on it that you really love and do not have words in them that may upset you or make you rehash past hurts. Turn up the volume, pop your head phone on and do some cleaning, go for a walk or get the ironing done. Not only will you get a task done that is not fun, but you will feel so good when its complete.


Make time to read everyday. Its not only a good way to get some rest time, but books or a really good movie is a great distraction for a brain that is so busy processing all the negative stuff. Visit your local library to get great reads for free, or subscribe to a book service if you prefer to read electronically. Audible is another great option if you would prefer to just get cosy on the couch and let some one else do the reading for you.


When we are stressed, we tend to breathe with short quick breaths. One of the quickest ways to feel calm, is to purposefully concentrate on breathing in slowly and deeply. Start with three big breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth trying to fill the lungs to capacity and releasing every last bit of the breath. Allow your breathing to return to normal and then do it again. There are some great apps that you can download on to your phone that will give you guided breathing exercises to help improve your breath work.

Taking time out doing things you enjoy is not selfish but a necessity during these trying times. Your health will benefit and so will everyone around you and there is plenty of professional help out there if you need it, just ask your GP. You are worth it!

The Perfect Swimsuit for body conscious bathers!

Women come in all shapes and sizes, but there are very few who are truly comfortable with their body image. Some will go to great lengths to avoid being seen in public swimming or sunbathing as they are so concerned about their lumps and bumps. A quality swimsuit goes a long way in providing comfort and support but for those truly concerned a skirted swimsuit could be the perfect solution for you.

The skirted swimsuit used to be reserved solely for grand mothers and were available in black, black or black. Thankfully times have changed and skirted swimsuits are now available in modern styles, colours and prints and will appeal to a much broader selection of women. In addition to skirted swimsuits that are one piece, there are also two piece tankinis that have a long lined top to cover the bits you might not want to share with those around you.

Pattern or plain, one of these will be perfect for you:-

Super cute ruffles from SUNFLAIR® ensure that this black tankini is far from basic.

A touch of colourful trim makes this tankini from SUNMARIN® definitely not boring.

Spots are always stylish, and this tankini from SUNMARIN® on a navy background sure is that.

Vintage vibes abound with this sassy spots on chocolate brown base skirted swimsuit from SUNFLAIR®.

Ready for a tropical getaway? Then this fabulous hibiscus skirted swimsuit from SUNMARIN® will be perfect.

Be beach ready with this bright tankini from SUNMARIN®.

A beautiful blend of warm and neutral tones with a boho vibe in this skirted swimsuit from SUNFLAIR®.

Nautical inspiration in a skirted swimsuit from SUNFLAIR®.

Best of all, these fabulous pieces come in a large variety of size options. Most are available from size 10 – 22 with B,C and D cup options. To find your closest boutique in Australia or New Zealand or to become a stockist of these superb quality swimwear pieces please email

The Coolest Swimwear For Kids!

Looking for really cool swimwear for your kids? Your children will be the best dressed kids at the beach or pool thanks to our fabulous designs for both girls and boys!

Our kids collections are suitable for 2 – 16 year olds and just like all our other collections they are made from the highest quality fabrics that will last until your little ones grow out of them. They will not lose their shape or get saggy even with constant use.

Here is a few of the unique prints that were released in march 2021 from OLYMPIA® and wavebreaker®.

These fabulous fruity pieces are perfect for the little princess –

Cool and colourful for your favorite little man.

Girls will love this vibrant print with every colour of the rainbow.

Smart stipes for the not too girly girl.

Brilliant basics for the boys!

For the tween/teen that takes life a little more seriously.

With the weather cooling down taking your kids to a heated pool is a great way to keep them active and having fun. Of course they need great swimwear to that and we have lots of great options.

We have boutqiues all around Australia and New Zealand that stock our brands, so to find your closest one or if you would like to become a stockist, please email

Terrific Swimwear For Teens and Beyond!

Todays teens can be very sure of their style or can struggle with body image, and having a perfectly fitting, on trend swimsuit can go a long way to helping them enjoy swimming. Young women and the young at heart love the variety of mix and match pieces available from OLYMPIA® that allow each woman to create their own perfectly fitting bikini and there are plenty of one piece options as well.

Many young ladies understand climate change and how important it is that we find more effective ways of creating new products that reduce the carbon foot print required to make them. A large portion of the OLYMPIA® range is made from a revolutionary new fabric that starts as old fishing nets retrieved from the bottom of the ocean. As this fibre is made from recycled materials no oil is needed in its creation, again having less impact on our enviroment.

The following is just a snapshot of styles that are currently available at many boutiques across Australia and New Zealand.



Bright, bold or sparkly, these pieces are also available in a variety of bikini separates.


Whether you need a little support or a lot, there will be the perfect bikini top for you.


From tiny to trunks all coverage options are possible.

The first step is to find your closest boutique by emailing and calling in to have a full fitting done. With so many choices the perfect size is what makes all the difference for a great fit, compared to the standard size sets often available at department stores.

In addition to swimwear, the OLYMPIA® brand also offers a selection of exercise pieces that are perfect for a work out at the gym and then ready for a splash in the water with no need to get changed.

OLYMPIA® pieces are superbly made but are truly great value for money, so head into your closest boutique and discover your new favourite swimsuit!


Every year SOUS Magazine hosts an awards night to honor the best brands in lingerie and swimwear with brands nominated from Germany, France, UK, Iresland, Italy and Spain. Once again SUNFLAIR® has won the swimwear category!

Unlike previous years where a gala event is held to celebrate the success of the winning brands, this year the event was held as a livestream on the 25th of February, and whilst not quite the same, winning the award is an amazing achievement considering all the hardships Covid 19 has caused.

SUNFLAIR® is a fabulous brand that blends together all the necessary ingredients to create a beautiful swimsuit that any lady would be proud to call her own. The latest colour trends straight from the catwalks of Europe, eye catching prints, super quality fabrics, beautiful cuts and beautiful matching resort wear pieces to create a total look.

Swimwear shopping can often bring up all sorts of body image issues and a beautifully fitting swimsuit can really go a long way in providing confidence and comfort whilst swimming. Here is a tiny sneak peek at some of the current collection:-

We have a boutiques throughout Australia and New Zealand, to find your closest store or to shop online, or to become a stockist please email

Stunning Mastectomy Swimwear for Summer and beyond!

Long gone are the days where a women who had undergone a Mastectomy had to resort to a frumpy swimsuit that might not even hold her prosthesis in place if she wanted to go for a swim. Thankfully now you can indulge in luxurious swimwear that is totally on trend, made from superior fabrics and are purposefully designed with secure pockets to hold everything in place. You can confidently go swimming and look fabulous thanks to SUNFLAIR® and SUNMARIN® swimwear!


Here just a few of the elegant and eye-catching choices that are available in store now. From plain to prints you can rest assured that safe and happy swimming is guaranteed!

SUNFLAIR® – 22333

SUNFLAIR® – 22313

SUNMARIN® – 12176

SUNFLAIR® – 22312

As you can see Mastectomy swimwear is to be enjoyed and allow you full confidence at the same time without anyone needing to know.


If a bikini is more your style then one of these might be more to your liking.

SUNFLAIR® – 21192

SUNFLAIR® – 21193

Modern or vintage, you have beautiful choices!


A tankini is a super comfortable option that can be a great alternative to a one-piece or a bikini. Again there are sumptuous prints to pick from.

SUNFLAIR® – 28056

SUNMARIN® – 18036

SUNFLAIR® – 28051

SUNMARIN® – 18036

As you can see there is a large variety of patterns and colours to suit your taste, and there are more options available. It is time to get excited about going swimming again and looking fabulous whilst doing it. Mastectomy swimwear that will see you making the most of summer and beyond is available for purchase now.

To find your closest boutique or to become a stockist of these ranges in Australia or New Zealand, please email and we will be in touch shortly.

Beautiful New Bikinis For Summer

Treat yourself to a beautiful new bikini this summer and really enjoy the outdoors and water sports that bring so much joy to the long hot days we have. Here are just a few of the new releases available now at many boutiques throughout Australia and New Zealand.

A beautiful blend of tropical colours feature in this supportive bikini from SUNFLAIR®!

This opulent option from OPERA® is a luxurious way to enjoy time in the water.

This great value for money bikini, adorned with hibiscus looks super summery from SUNMARIN®!

Mix and match with these pieces and more to create a perfect fit for you from OLYMPIA®.

Super smart retro inspired bikini complete with rik rak from SUNFLAIR®!

Smart stripes and a classical style from SUNMARIN®.

Influenced by the gorgeous colours of agate, this jewel toned set is stunning from OLYMPIA®.

Animal print is still very popular this season and this combination with vibrant fruit contrast is a an eye catching option from OPERA®!

All of the above bikini’s come in a variety of styles in the same prints so that you have the chance to select a set that is the perfect match for you. Made from luxurious fabric that will last for seasons with correct care, treat yourself this summer and look fabulous in the water and out of it.

To find your closest stockist please click here. If you would like to become a stockist in Australia or New Zealand, please email Doris at

Sensational new one piece swimsuits for summer!

As the weather heats up there is nothing better than spending time in the water and if last seasons swimsuit has seen better days, there are some absolutely gorgeous new arrivals that will be your perfect partner this summer.

Nautical influences are strong this season and these two options will certainly make you want to go sailing.

Style 22161 from SUNFLAIR® will look fabulous on board a yacht or on your favourite lounge chair poolside.

With a little hint of retro and lot of beautiful blues, this luxury one piece 62095 from OPERA® will look stunning in and out of the water.

Such a stunning floral blend in this contrast blend one piece 32049 from OLYMPIA®.

Bold contrasts is another trend being highlighted this season. black and white and a Bird of Paradise combine beautifully in style 12179 from SUNMARIN®,

Animal print is once again a feature on the catwalks of Europe and this striking blend of blues creates a truly beautiful one piece 22306 from SUNFLAIR®.

All shades of blue would have to be the most dominant single colour this season and this beautiful blend of blues with a hint of mint is a striking combination at a fabulous price in style 12086 from SUNMARIN®.

After a very tough and restrictive year, its going to be so wonderful to spend time at the beach and recharge our depleted batteries. Which style is your favourite to take with you on that fun journey?

To find your closest boutique or to become a stockist of these superior quality swimsuits in Australia or New Zealand please email

Happy swimming!

Its Time To Start Travelling – 5 Great Australian Beach Adventures To Try!

Thanks to Covid-19 there have been many grand holiday plans that simply had to be canned. There was nowhere to go and for many you couldn’t even leave home, let alone pack your bags and head to the closest beach for some rest and relaxation.

Slowly but surely things in Australia are starting to improve, border restrictions are starting to ease and hopefully by Christmas time, we should be able to travel anywhere in this country and hopefully even fly over to visit New Zealand.

If you are yearning for a getaway, here are 5 great ideas that combine beautiful beaches and some fun interactions of the nature kind to really lift your spirits and recharge your batteries.


It is hard to beat an island holiday for a total getaway from the stresses of work and the city life. There are many beautiful islands in Australia that are worth visiting, but there is one that is super special if you love interacting with nature.

Heron Island is off the coast of Gladstone and features a world class resort with beautiful accommodation and fabulous food. Its not a huge island, but there is plenty of beautiful white sand and lots of reefs to explore just steps from your room. Snorkeling will allow you to get up close and personal with lots of coral, fish and turtles. If you don’t like getting your hair wet, there is a semi-submersible tour that will let you see all the wonderful things below with out getting even damp.


There are a few places around Australia where you can get a dolphin to eat right out of your hand. They are carefully controlled so as you and the dolphins are safe, but they love the interaction and you will love the experience. Pack up the caravan or book a nice motel and spend a few days exploring the area and of course see these clever animals enjoying interaction with people.

Monkey Mia in Western Australia, Tin Can Bay and Tangalooma Island Resort are three popular spots for this activity. At Port Philip Bay in Victoria and at Glenelg Beach in South Australia there are organised tours that take you out in to the ocean so you can swim with the dolphins and a quick google search will help you find kayak tours in your state that let you play in the dolphin zone.


At beaches all around the country you can take your very first ride on a surf board. Kids and adults alike find surfing both relaxing and exhilarating at the same time.

One thing that Covid has taught many people is that we should not put off the things we would love to try or experience, because the chance can be taken away from you in a flash.

Paddle boarding is a great choice if you think surfing is not your cup of tea. Just find a beach close to home that offers water sports and get out there and give it a go.


A beautiful way to explore the beach is to do it on horseback. There are companies in every state that offer organised beach riding and you don’t need previous experience and if you are an experienced rider there are options for you too. You don’t need to have any special gear as all will be provided. A sturdy pair of jeans is advisable to protect your legs from chaffing so don’t forget to pack those.

After a delightful ‘walk’ along the beach, you can reward yourself with a splash in the ocean to freshen up.


There is an abundance of rock pools around the country that can provide hours of fun whether you are on foot or like to float.

All you need is a sturdy of shoes to protect your feet and a pair of polaroid sunglasses can make discovering whats under the surface more fun as they reduce the glare. If you or any of your family would love to learn to snorkel, rock pools are a calm and safe environment to learn the art of breathing though a snorkel.

Just make sure you check the tide times before you head to the pools as most will not be exposed during high tide and that’s no fun!

The best part of most of these activities is you have the freedom to camp or book into a five star resort if you prefer, but you can work with in your budget and still have lots of fun spending time at the beach.

Don’t forget to make sure you pack your swimsuits and if yours could do with an upgrade, one of our experienced stockists are ready to help you find the perfect swimsuit. Please email to find your closest stockist.