Terrific Swimwear For Teens and Beyond!

Todays teens can be very sure of their style or can struggle with body image, and having a perfectly fitting, on trend swimsuit can go a long way to helping them enjoy swimming. Young women and the young at heart love the variety of mix and match pieces available from OLYMPIA® that allow each woman to create their own perfectly fitting bikini and there are plenty of one piece options as well.

Many young ladies understand climate change and how important it is that we find more effective ways of creating new products that reduce the carbon foot print required to make them. A large portion of the OLYMPIA® range is made from a revolutionary new fabric that starts as old fishing nets retrieved from the bottom of the ocean. As this fibre is made from recycled materials no oil is needed in its creation, again having less impact on our enviroment.

The following is just a snapshot of styles that are currently available at many boutiques across Australia and New Zealand.



Bright, bold or sparkly, these pieces are also available in a variety of bikini separates.


Whether you need a little support or a lot, there will be the perfect bikini top for you.


From tiny to trunks all coverage options are possible.

The first step is to find your closest boutique by emailing info@fashnsplash.com.au and calling in to have a full fitting done. With so many choices the perfect size is what makes all the difference for a great fit, compared to the standard size sets often available at department stores.

In addition to swimwear, the OLYMPIA® brand also offers a selection of exercise pieces that are perfect for a work out at the gym and then ready for a splash in the water with no need to get changed.

OLYMPIA® pieces are superbly made but are truly great value for money, so head into your closest boutique and discover your new favourite swimsuit!

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