Its Time To Start Travelling – 5 Great Australian Beach Adventures To Try!

Thanks to Covid-19 there have been many grand holiday plans that simply had to be canned. There was nowhere to go and for many you couldn’t even leave home, let alone pack your bags and head to the closest beach for some rest and relaxation.

Slowly but surely things in Australia are starting to improve, border restrictions are starting to ease and hopefully by Christmas time, we should be able to travel anywhere in this country and hopefully even fly over to visit New Zealand.

If you are yearning for a getaway, here are 5 great ideas that combine beautiful beaches and some fun interactions of the nature kind to really lift your spirits and recharge your batteries.


It is hard to beat an island holiday for a total getaway from the stresses of work and the city life. There are many beautiful islands in Australia that are worth visiting, but there is one that is super special if you love interacting with nature.

Heron Island is off the coast of Gladstone and features a world class resort with beautiful accommodation and fabulous food. Its not a huge island, but there is plenty of beautiful white sand and lots of reefs to explore just steps from your room. Snorkeling will allow you to get up close and personal with lots of coral, fish and turtles. If you don’t like getting your hair wet, there is a semi-submersible tour that will let you see all the wonderful things below with out getting even damp.


There are a few places around Australia where you can get a dolphin to eat right out of your hand. They are carefully controlled so as you and the dolphins are safe, but they love the interaction and you will love the experience. Pack up the caravan or book a nice motel and spend a few days exploring the area and of course see these clever animals enjoying interaction with people.

Monkey Mia in Western Australia, Tin Can Bay and Tangalooma Island Resort are three popular spots for this activity. At Port Philip Bay in Victoria and at Glenelg Beach in South Australia there are organised tours that take you out in to the ocean so you can swim with the dolphins and a quick google search will help you find kayak tours in your state that let you play in the dolphin zone.


At beaches all around the country you can take your very first ride on a surf board. Kids and adults alike find surfing both relaxing and exhilarating at the same time.

One thing that Covid has taught many people is that we should not put off the things we would love to try or experience, because the chance can be taken away from you in a flash.

Paddle boarding is a great choice if you think surfing is not your cup of tea. Just find a beach close to home that offers water sports and get out there and give it a go.


A beautiful way to explore the beach is to do it on horseback. There are companies in every state that offer organised beach riding and you don’t need previous experience and if you are an experienced rider there are options for you too. You don’t need to have any special gear as all will be provided. A sturdy pair of jeans is advisable to protect your legs from chaffing so don’t forget to pack those.

After a delightful ‘walk’ along the beach, you can reward yourself with a splash in the ocean to freshen up.


There is an abundance of rock pools around the country that can provide hours of fun whether you are on foot or like to float.

All you need is a sturdy of shoes to protect your feet and a pair of polaroid sunglasses can make discovering whats under the surface more fun as they reduce the glare. If you or any of your family would love to learn to snorkel, rock pools are a calm and safe environment to learn the art of breathing though a snorkel.

Just make sure you check the tide times before you head to the pools as most will not be exposed during high tide and that’s no fun!

The best part of most of these activities is you have the freedom to camp or book into a five star resort if you prefer, but you can work with in your budget and still have lots of fun spending time at the beach.

Don’t forget to make sure you pack your swimsuits and if yours could do with an upgrade, one of our experienced stockists are ready to help you find the perfect swimsuit. Please email to find your closest stockist.

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