Five Fun Things To Do Whilst In Covid19 Isolation

Whilst the last couple of months have been tough, it does look as though isolation has done a good job in helping keep as many Australians and New Zealanders healthy and virus free. It will take months until life is ‘normal’ again, but thanks to fabulous statistics especially compared to other countries around the world we are seeing little shifts to increase our freedom and no doubt we are all looking forward to those.

Life in isolation is pretty tough and many people are finding it hard to find the motivation to do anything more than absolutely necessary. Here are a five fun ideas that will fill the hours and hopefully add a bit of joy to your day.



Have you collected lots of cook books or recipes that you have never tried? Now is the perfect time to have a go and expand your repertoire. Thankfully supermarkets are pretty well stocked again and you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting the ingredients you need to make something super yummy. A quick scroll through Pinterest is another great way to find something new to try. If there are a few of you at home, why not host a master chef cooking competition. Each person gets to cook a different course and you can secretly vote on who is the winner.



This is a great time to discover your new favourite cocktail. Most bottle shops even home deliver these days, and as you can’t go out, no one has to worry about drink driving. Pick a cocktail that you have never tried or if you have a favourite that you always have when you go out, try making it at home for a change. If you get on well with your neighbours, you can always invite them to an ‘over the fence’ cocktail party.



With gyms closed and going for a walk being the only way to get exercise it can get boring. Head to YouTube and search for some new options to try. Yoga, Pilates, Hip Hop or ballet are just a few of the choices available and no one is watching so you can have a go and laugh at yourself if necessary. Moving is a great way to get the blood pumping and improving your feeling of well being. Try something new every morning and you might just discover the perfect new exercise style for you.



Not being able to visit your local salon for beauty treatments or hair appointments can really make you feel blah! There are lots of treatments you can make at home to give your skin or hair a boost or you can order some new skin care online that maybe you have wanted to try. Taking a bath can soothe frazzled nerves and leave the skin feeling lovely if you have a good exfoliation whilst you are in there. You have the time, so make the best of what you can do to add a little pampering into your daily routine.



If you have already depleted the reading material on your shelves and with libraries closed getting fresh reading material can be a little difficult. If you are a member of a local library, most offer a huge selection of ebooks and magazines that you can download and read now at no cost. This could be the perfect time to discover new authors or genres that you have not tried before. Whilst you are at it you could find a new craft that you might like to try or take a free history lesson and learn something new. Most libraries also offer audio books if you would prefer to lie back and listen.

Wishing you the best of health and we hope that some of these ideas help you make the most of your time at home.

What has been your favourite thing to do whilst spending so much time at home?

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