Five Things You Can Do For Your Health Right Now!

We are all now living through a time that is something most of us could never have dreamed of. This COVID-19 virus is leaving no country unscathed and the most important thing anyone can do right now is look after your health!  The message has been very loud and clear that we need to stay home wherever possible unless you have to go to work.

The people doing the right thing find themselves in isolation and this action will go a long way to keeping you safe from the virus but it can have a very detrimental affect on your mental and physical health in other ways. These practical and easy tips might just be what you need to focus on instead of all the doom and gloom engulfing us right now.




Thanks to social media we have seen a shopping frenzy happen in the supermarkets, we are constantly fed how many new people have contracted the virus and the high number of jobs that have been lost. These posts are designed to make you react and click. Whilst it is important to keep up to date on what is happening around us, a quick check in the morning and the evening will be enough to inform you of what is happening and any new changes the governments have put in place and these do seem to change everyday. If you find your Facebook scroll is causing you to feel anxious or upset, turn it off as much as possible.



Whilst it is very tempting to drink a glass or 10 of wine with lunch because you are home and don’t have to drive. It would be wise to leave the wine until dinner time and have a few health boosting options during the day. Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated and if you have to make decisions your mind will be clearer. Add a couple of slices of lemon to a mug of boiled water, let it steep and then sip, this is great for help boosting your bodies defences. When you do go shopping stock up on your greens and make a daily juice to provide a flood of healthy nutrients, and if you don’t have a juice extractor add some water and use a blender instead. Add a dash of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and sip slowly for a good body tonic. Make your favourite cocktail or try a new one just for fun and we need a good dose of fun.


Active wear that doubles as swimwear is the perfect choice no matter what sort of activity you do…..this set from OLYMPIA®.



This is a great time to catch up on all the Netflix shows you have not had time for but lying on the couch all day and not making time for exercise will quickly having you feel terrible in no time. Movement releases happy hormones and are vital to wellbeing. Go for a walk out in the sunshine just keep your distance from other walkers, find a workout on YouTube, do some gentle stretching or get into that gardening that is long over due. You will feel better for it, I promise!



Whether your skill set could do with an upgrade or you have always wanted to try a new hobby…..why not get started today? Sign up for a class or program and start it straight away. YouTube is an absolute goldmine of how to videos for just about anything you could want to try. If you need supplies so that you can start a project then order them online, the business will appreciate your custom at this tough time for retail. Get out your recipes and pick a couple that you have not yet tried and have a go at them. Keeping your mind busy with an enjoyable distraction is a powerful way to keep the gloom at bay.



Pick up your phone and ring all those that are near and dear to you and check in to see how they are going. Have a good bitch session if need be, or even a good cry. It is better to let it all out than bottle it up inside. Thanks to Facebook you can Facetime anyone on your contact list and have a good heart to heart and see their face at the same time. If you want to have a group ‘get together’ set up a Zoom online meeting. There is no cost if you keep the meeting under 45 minutes, and if you want to keep going longer, you just have to all re-join the meeting and you have another 45 minutes to enjoy!


We have to make the most of this horrible situation as best as we can and finding anything good to focus on is vital. If you are really feeling stuck, then give the house a really good clean and declutter, the fresh energy will flow through your home with ease and uplift how you feel. We are all in this together and when this is over we may have a lot of rebuilding to do but it will get done and we all flourish once again.

Good luck, stay safe and wash your hands!

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