How To Look One Size Slimmer In A Swimsuit!

Spring has definitely sprung in the Southern hemisphere and that means its time to get a swimsuit on and enjoy time at the beach or in a pool again!

For many women this fun time of the year can cause anxiety as the extra kilo or five that managed to move in during the cooler months will be going on display for all the world to see.

Most of you know that you can buy lingerie that is specifically designed to improve your shape but did you know the same technology is available in swimwear?


(Beautiful in blue, this SUNFLAIR® swimsuit is perfect for a day sailing or swimming)

Thanks to modern technology Beautyform® shapeWear fabric instantly makes you look slimmer around the stomach/waist area and can make you look a size smaller, without feeling restricted or uncomfortable. This specially developed tightly knitted fabric offers immediate figure control and is available in a range of one-piece swimsuits with stunning designs. This is a real win-win for all.


(A bold black and blue option from SUNFLAIR®)

Best of all no one will even know you are wearing it as these pieces look just like a normal swimsuit.Sunflair


(The clever design of this swimsuit, with the colour panels pointing inward and down      also add to the optical illusion of trimmer waist, also from SUNFLAIR®)

As with all swimwear, please follow the care instructions carefully and this will ensure that this quality garment provides many swimming opportunities for you.


(Green Sunrise from SUNFLAIR® features an eye catching print)

If you also wish your thighs were not on display as well, then you can’t go past this best selling skirt with inner slip from SUNMARIN®!


To find your closest stockist in Australia or New Zealand, please email and we will be in touch shortly.

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