Handy Hints For Enjoying A Cruise!

Cruising has grown in popularity in leaps and bounds over the last few years. The number of cruise lines that now offer departures from Australia and New Zealand is proof that the demand is there. Rather than spending so much time at airports or on coaches that requires continual packing and unpacking of your bags if you want to visit more than one country on a holiday, lots of people have discovered the simplicity of hopping onboard a cruise ship, unpack once and get straight into holiday mode.


Get tropical escapade ready with a beautiful one piece like this one from OPERA®!

If you have never cruised before, these handy hints will help you make the most of your holiday on the high seas!


When planning your wardrobe, make sure you check the information sent to you from the cruise company so that you know what special nights will be on during your cruise so that you can pack the appropriate attire.

Buy all the add-on packages that suit you before you depart. The initial outlay for your cruise is usually very good value, but onboard purchases can be expensive. If you like wine, then buy the package as the single item price will be high, if cocktails are your thing, then grab that one. The packages might seem like quite an add-on but they really do represent excellent value if used wisely.

Take a photocopy of all your important documents and keep them in a separate place to your actual documents. In the unlikely event that you lose the originals, having all your details handy can make things easier for you.


More than likely your cruise will include visiting tropical paradises that can be hot and steamy. Casual clothes and swimsuits are all you will really need for the daytime. Take at least 2 swimsuits, so that you can rinse one after you use it and let it drip dry in the bathroom and then you will have a fresh one ready at all times.


This 100% cotton top from SUNFLAIR® that will be available from November is a great choice to help you keep cool, look smart and offers great protection from the sun.

On formal/dress up nights you have the opportunity to go all out and wear all the finery which is not something we get to do very often anymore.

For the other nights you can still dress up and won’t look out of place, but smart casual will also work. Pick outfits that will travel well and don’t need ironing as you don’t want to spend your holiday doing that!


Colourful pieces like this one from SUNFLAIR® can be worn as a dress or a skirt with a top, add a little jewellery and you are ready for dinner, and these roll up into a small piece that wont need ironing.

Don’t forget to pack a hat, a beach bag for shore excursions and a small handbag that can double as evening bag to keep your phone etc with you at all times.


  • Medication – if you take regular medication, make sure you take ample supply with you.
  • A basic medicine kit with things such as sea sickness tablets, band aids, stop itch and antiseptic cream etc will allow you to deal with minor health issues with ease.
  • A can of Glen 20 will not only freshen up the smell in your cabin but will also kill of any germs lurking around.
  • Wet wipes, flushable wipes and hand sanitizer are also helpful.
  • Power board to charge all the devices at the same time.
  • Ear plugs are worthwhile if you have trouble sleeping with constant noise around you.
  • Binoculars so you can get close up view of all the spectacular scenery you will encounter.
  • Notebook and pen to jot down memories and reminders to match up with all the photos you will take.

Once you have taken care of all the packing, all you have to do is get onboard and its time to relax, meet great new friends, eat lots of wonderful food and make some memories that will last a lifetime!






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