How to care for your swimsuit!

Investing in a good swimsuit, can make all the difference in how you feel when you spend time at the beach or by the pool. The quality fabric and fit will help you achieve the best possible shape for all your curves, it will support your bust and can even help to flatten the tummy if you pick the right style for your individual shape.


“Summer Night Leaf” from OPERA (R)

Every time you wear your swimsuit you expose it to harsh chemicals, salt water and sunscreen that can all have a detrimental effect on the quality of the fibres. With a little care you will see your swimsuit last for a long time and you will enjoy the difference a well made swimsuit can make.


“Laguna Animals” from SUNFLAIR (R)

Follows these simple steps and your swimsuit will thank you!

  1. Rinse your swimsuit after every wear in clean water. Ideally it should be hand washed in clean water approximately 30C. Use a gentle detergent that has been well dissolved.
  2. Rinse well in clean water to remove all traces of the detergent.
  3. Do not wring out your swimsuit to remove excess water. If you want it to dry quickly, roll it up in a fresh towel to remove as much water as possible.
  4. Never hang a swimsuit in the sun to dry. Always hang it in the shade and gently pull it into shape whilst it is still wet, rather than leaving it crinkled.
  5. If you must put it in a washing machine, place it in a lingerie wash bag to help protect it and only use warm not hot wash.
  6. When it is dry, store it hanging up in your wardrobe rather than folded up in a drawer. It will hold its shape much better.

If you are a very regular swimmer, purchasing a swimsuit made with chlorine resistant XTRA LIFE (TM) fabric could be a very beneficial choice as these swimsuits are specifically designed to be long lasting.


“Scandic Sky” from SUNFLAIR (R) features ‘Chlorine Proof’ fabric.

Taking care of your swimwear is worth the little effort required and you will enjoy months of swimming fun.

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