5 Easy Ways To Get Smooth Swimsuit Ready Skin

Smooth skin has a healthy glow and when you are stepping out in a swimsuit there is plenty of skin on show. Removing dead skin cells on a regular basis and then keeping your fresh skin moisturised only takes a few minutes with these 5 easy ideas.


dry skin brush

(Image Credit – feelgreatnow.com)

Dry skin brushing each morning before your shower helps to buff off dry skin cells and is a great way to boost your immunity at the same time.

A long handled brush is all your need to get started on this healthy way to maintain your skin. Starting at your feet, use small circular motions in a clockwise direction and work up until your reach your chin. It is not advisable to use a skin brush on your face as it can be too harsh and abrasive for the delicate facial skin.



(Image Credit – gloryjuiceco.com)

During warmer weather it is vital for healthy skin that you drink plenty of water. A minimum of 1 1/2 litres is recommend daily. Drinking lots of water helps to plump up your skin cells and increases the release of free radicals that damage the skin in the early stages of development. Add some cucumber slices, lemon slices and a few mint leaves to help it taste a little more appetising and really boost your body’s ability to detoxify.



Used coffee grinds can quickly be turned into a super effective skin scrub, that will exfoliate quickly and easily leaving your skin glowing. Try a quick test on the back of your hand first and you will see what an amazing difference it makes.

In a small bowl combine 2 tbsp. of coffee grinds, 2 tbsp. of sugar, and 2 tbsp. of olive oil. Mix until well combined and take it in to the shower with you. Dampen your skin with warm water and then apply the scrub to all your skin except your face and gently rub it over the surface. Rinse off well and pat your skin dry. This is an easy thing to do whilst your conditioner is in your hair and doing it’s thing.



(Image Credit – motherearthliving.com)

Salt is another kitchen staple that makes the best body scrub.

Simply combine 1/2 cup of salt and 1/8 cup coconut oil in a small bowl and apply in the same way as the above scrub. A scrub containing salt also has great antiseptic properties just like a swim in the ocean and will be very beneficial if your skin has small cuts or abrasions. Just avoid applying the scrub directly to these sensitive spots but you will receive the benefits of it as you rinse the scrub off.



(Image Credit – woolworths.com)

No matter which method you choose to use to remove the dead skin cells, applying a good moisturiser after your shower is vital to protect all those fresh new cells.

Apply a liberal amount of your favourite moisturiser or simply use pure coconut oil, which obviously contains no chemicals and does a fabulous job at absorbing quickly and leaving your skin super smooth. You will feel like your on a tropical island holiday, everyday!



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