How to feel good wearing a bikini!

In Europe it is not uncommon to see more women wearing a bikini than not when you at the beach. Unfortunately in the Southern hemisphere so many women have decided to leave bikini wearing to only those that are under 20 and are super slim.

Just because you might have a few lumps and bumps or a bulge or two does not mean you have to avoid wearing a bikini. Most other beachgoers wont even give you a second glance and really it does not matter if they do. Wearing a bikini is not the domain of the young anyone can do it and with these tips you might even enjoy it!

bikini body

1. Its really that easy!

2. Get a bikini that fits perfectly.

If you have a body that is top or bottom heavy, finding a bikini on the rack that fits properly is going to be very hard and that is a surefire way to ensure you never actually wear one in the water. There is an easy way to combat this issue and that is to purchase your bikini as two separate pieces. This ensures that the top and bottom are ‘custom made’ for your shape, such as these great choices from SUNFLAIR®.

21155       21142

3. Add a little fake tan!

A splash of colour in a bottle and a couple of hours is all your need to get those lily white legs water ready. Fake tan also creates an optical illusion of smoother skin and defines muscle tone, that’s a winning combination.

4. Better looking belly!

If your tummy is not as flat as you would like it to be you don’t have to avoid wearing a bikini because of it. There plenty of current swimwear styles that feature bikini’s with a larger pant that has the top sitting closer to your waist than way below it. This one from OPERA® would be a perfect choice.


5. Change the game plan!

If one of your goals for 2018 is to lose weight, the kindest thing you can do to your plans is to stopping stepping on the scales. Focus your exercise on building more muscle mass. Lean muscle does weigh the same as fat unlike that falsehood statement thrown around all the time by fitness fanatics ‘fat weighs more than muscle’. It is about 20% less bulky though so more muscle and less fat does equal a leaner shape and boosts your metabolism as an added bonus. Use a tape measure to record your success as it will be much more rewarding.

6. A better bust!

Help your boobs look the best they can be by choosing a bikini with plenty of inbuilt support. Your shape will be more defined and you will feel more secure as you bob up and down in the waves. This SUNFLAIR® bikini has it all.


Have fun in the sun this summer and don’t forget the sunscreen. Sharing the same shade as a lobster is never a good look.

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