Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival 2017

Months of preparation and planning are needed to put on a spectacular show like the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival and once again FASH’N SPLASH were grateful to be part of this special 10th Anniversary event.

Showcasing SUNFLAIR® and OPERA® and giving the press and public a glimpse into the new season swimwear that will arrive later this year, benefits all our retailers as it boosts public knowledge of our brands. The extensive press coverage filters way beyond just the local area of the Sunshine Coast.


It takes a crowd to get our swimwear on the runway and one of the best things about this parade is that models of all sizes and ages are used to really help show the public that you can look fabulous in a swimsuit even if you are not 18 years old and a size 6!


A few beauties in black ready to shine in SUNFLAIR® and OPERA®!


‘Sea Dome’ from SUNFLAIR® ready to dazzle the crowd! (left and right)


A few snippets from the stage, including some very cool SUNMAN®!

Image credits (@fletcher_photograpghy_aus 1-4 & @itsliammckenzie 5-6)

A very big thankyou to all the cast and crew that work tirelessly to stage such a world class event that we are very grateful to participate in. Enhancing the reputation of our brands is vital for all our success and being part of a world class event such as this one is very worthwhile.

Why not get a group of girlfriends together and have a fun weekend away….next year!

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