Swimwear For Real Women!

It really can be disheartening to see magazines or brochures for swimwear that are full of slim and stunning models. Of course they look fabulous, that’s why they are paid to fun around for hours with very little on, and together with a little photoshop tinkering they look totally amazing.

The reality is that very few women look that fabulous in a swimsuit and most women, no matter what size they are will think they look terrible. Swimsuit confidence can be hard to find but thankfully there are a few things to look out for when buying your next swimsuit that can make all the difference.

Bringing Booty Back 5

We are all different shapes and sizes and looking forward to going swimming and enjoying time in the great outdoors is much more important than whether you have lumps or bumps.

Just have a look at these amazing women who are known as the Vintage Calendar Girls and they were fabulous models for our SUNFLAIR® and OPERA® swimsuits last month as part of the ‘Bringing Booty Back’ event. This was part of the Horizon Festival and was held in beautiful Eumundi at the Imperial Hotel.


Tip No 1. Invest in a quality swimsuit.

A cheap swimsuit will save you dollars but the thin fabric will do nothing to give you a nice shape and more than likely will not offer good support for your bust when you really need it.

Bringing Booty Back 1

Quality fabric is considerably thicker and goes a long way to improving your shape. For exceptional tummy control and waist slimming you can not beat a SUNFLAIR® shapeWear swimsuit that has cleverly concealed panels sewn in to help create a beautiful shape.

Tip No 2. Don’t miss out on wearing a bikini.

Bringing Booty Back 3

You don’t need to skip wearing a bikini because you are worried about your ‘muffin top’, simply choose a bikini with a more generous cut pant. It will sit closer to your waist and will help hold the tummy in place.

Tip No. 3. How to hide your thighs.


If you will not let the world see your thighs and you miss out on swimming because of it, there is always a skirted swimsuit as the perfect option. Every season there is always a selection of stunning swimsuits with the added skirt that will let you look smart and classy.

Most importantly just about every other lady at the beach will think they are not flawless, and really who cares. Embrace every curve and enjoy being able to go for a swim in style.

Thank you to Rich Events Photography for these gorgeous photo’s.

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