What are the best swimsuit colours for my skin tone?


For many women trying on swimwear can be confronting and stressful. So many will automatically grab the black ones to try on in the hope that it will make them look slimmer and it is a colour that just about anyone can wear successfully. Different skin tones and hair colour can look so good in one shade and really washed out in others. Our ranges are full of incredible colours but many women don’t have the confidence or knowledge to know which ones look the best on them. Below is a guide that can help you select colour choices that will look best with their complexions and could help you sell swimwear that they might not have even considered trying on.


Stunning tangerine one piece from OPERA!


Light blonde or red hair with very pale skin and possibly freckles –

YES – to cobalt blue, all shades of green and surprisingly pink.

NO – to all shades of yellow, mustard, brown and orange.

Blonde to light brown hair with light to medium skin – 

YES – to deep reds and all earth tones.

NO – to black, grey and silver.

Dark hair with creamy skin

YES – all the blues, emerald, fuchsia and plum.

NO – to orange and white.

Medium to dark hair with light brown or olive skin

YES – to deeper greens, tangerine, pale blues and taupes and definitely black.

NO – to brown, mustard and grey.

Dark hair with medium skin

YES – to bright yellow, pinks, and jewel toned purples and blues.

NO – to olive, beige and mustard.

Dark hair and dark skin –  

YES – to all the pastels, tangerine, lighter blues and pinks.

NO – to brown, grey, mustard.

AND the one colour that everyone can wear successfully even though they probably won’t is white!

What is your favourite swimsuit colour?


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