Luxury brand stores have this down pat. All stock is hung in perfectly coordinating collections, without over filling so that customers can peruse the stock with ease.


Even though that style of display is not too practical for most boutique owners, beautiful and eye catching displays can be achieved with higher stock levels. Below is a perfect example of a boutique in Germany that has such an orderly display all hung on matching hangers and is so pleasing to the eye and will tempt customers to have a good look.

_MG_4467 (Groß)


Another fabulous display is this one from Classy Lady on Gibson in Noosaville. They display many of their swimsuits facing forward rather than the traditional row. Our beautiful swimsuits are mini works of art and displaying them this way attracts customer’s eyes to the fabulous colours and patterns which are hidden in a more traditional row.



They also make good use of the gold hangers that we have available. They make our product looks special and upmarket which is exactly what they are. Normally these hangers cost 80c each, but if you use them exclusively for our brands only you can order some for free. They really are a valuable tool and definitely worth using.

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